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• DFMA:优化组装设计
ο Design for Assembly and Manufacturing
ο 语系:英文
ο 单机



ο 以学术理论为基础,对产品组装做优化分析与提议。
ο 计算产品的组装效率与成本分析。
ο 建议应有的最少零件数,提供零件节省的建议方向。
ο 与TRIZ的概念结合,达到产品的完好设计。


ο 任何对于TRIZ 理论有兴趣者;
ο 研发创新遇到瓶颈者;
ο 研究机构人员;
ο 学术单位学者;
ο 有意学习新知者。

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Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is an effective method to solve design problems. DFSS is applying innovative logical way and design tools to all phases of new product development in order to achieve the purpose of the quality optimization and cost reduction of the new product. TRIZ systematic innovation tools are specially added into DFSS courses of American IEG Institute for Innovation for effectively solving core technological problems existing in the current product design and producing valuable patents.

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