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IEG拥有亚太地区资历与经验最资深完整的持续改善与创新咨询辅导团队。我们拥有全球超过85%以上的技术领域专家及顶尖的全职顾问师团队,顾问师皆为各行业内拥有平均10年以上企业创新管理实施经验的管理人员。除部分前苏联科学家之外,其他顾问多来自于跨国500强企业的TRIZ专家,精益大师,黑带大师和创新管理高管。这些著名企业如IBM,Motorola、GE、Dupont、三星和Allied Signal等。

国际粹智学会TRIZ Level III 认证 (IEG有4位)

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New Courses

DFSS Green Belt+ Black Belt Training Courses

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is an effective method to solve design problems. DFSS is applying innovative logical way and design tools to all phases of new product development in order to achieve the purpose of the quality optimization and cost reduction of the new product. TRIZ systematic innovation tools are specially added into DFSS courses of American IEG Institute for Innovation for effectively solving core technological problems existing in the current product design and producing valuable patents.

TRIZ Innovation International Certification Training Courses

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is the principle created by Genrich Altshuller from Russia when analyzing 200,000 patents. TRIZ is the science of the evolution of the system. It is formed on the basis of principles of evolution of the system and practical experience of

Design Thinking Training Course

the essence of design lies in “Thinking”. Think about what? Such as people’s life context, social context, cultural context….so as to explore the real demands of usermore

Technology Roadmap Training Course

Technology Roadmap is to integrate the enterprise market strategy, products for the target market and key technology and resources necessary for the products to the technology roadmap by constructing a development「path」of products and technologies from now to

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