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About IEG

As a leader of innovation management consulting field,IEG (Innovation Excellence Growth)dedicates to helping the global enterprises improve innovation capabilities.Relying on accumulated rich management consulting experiences in all walks of life, along with a profound research on international innovation methodologies,IEG is in cooperation with customers and helps them become innovative enterprises, and makes them obtain a breakthrough improvement in the aspects of management innovation and technological products innovation in innovative strategic planning.


IEG adheres to innovative spirits and capabilities of years. We customize for customers various innovation management consulting services such as "Innovative Strategic Planning", "Management Innovation Solutions", "Technological Innovation Solutions" and "Product Research and Development (R&D) Capability Enhancement Scheme" etc. Meanwhile, IEG Institute for Innovation affiliated to IEG provides customers with globally advanced innovation methodology training courses such as systematic and professional Lean Six Sigma (Lean Six Sigma),Design for Six Sigma(DFSS) Methodology, TRIZ Innovation Methodology (TRIZ Innovation Problem Solving Theory), Design Thinking (Design Thinking), Technology Roadmap and Patent Layout etc. The institute helps corporate customers cultivate innovation management talents, obtain outstanding achievements, and create sustainable value for its customers and shareholders.

The global service network of IEG has been in such countries as the U.S.A,Netherlands,Germany,India,Spainand Japan etc, and has been operated for 15 years in Greater China. Additionally, its four offices were respectively set up in Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen and Taipei.Customers of IEG are multinational corporations or local enterprises from allwalks of life. We make use of the international best innovation management practices, innovation theoretical methodology and local experiences to help them formulate innovation strategies and enhance their innovation capabilities.The service quality of the present IEG has gradually become perfect, and its service process seeks increasing perfection. Professional consulting service helps customers obtain a breakthrough growth, and their high levels of identification and affirmation are gained.