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IEG DFSS/TRIZ Project in Netcome Industry

Project company: An enterprise

Company background:

The enterprise, as a sub-company of a world famous brand, is an international company with more than 10,000 staffs globally and annual turnover of more than US$ 1.2 billion, and specializes in network communication and electronics development. It has diversified broadband network technology and product combination that can satisfy various network applications, and our products cover broadband access, wireless network, home network and digital home etc.

Promotion reason of DFSS/TRIZ: in order to quickly meet the strict requirements of world famous customers (EU Telecom Code) for new products and promote the design ability of the R&D team, the company seniors decide to fully implement DFSS/TRIZ projects. Thereinto, general manager and deputy R&D manager will also attend the entire training course.

Project summary:

1. Project duration: 2007 ~ 2008

2. Trainee quantity: Champion: 20 persons   BB: 30 persons

3. Project achievement:

  3.1: Financial benefit of the project: about US$ 3.8M in total (new products)

  3.2: Development time of new products: be reduced by about 1.2 months on average

  3.3: BOM cost: be reduced by 18.5% on average

3.4: Process yield: be improved by 12.3% on average (MP)

3.5: Project patents: 3.5 patents for each project on average

3.6: Product reliability: MTBF is improved by 36000h on average

Customer evaluation:

"Many thanks to IEG consultants for their professional and careful service, and leading the R&D team to improve R&D ability, DFSS/TRIZ courses are helpful to the company to develop further and win better earnings-generating capacity."-general manager

"Rich experience in network communication products of IEG consultants and the edged tools DFSS/TRIZ improve customer satisfaction together!"---Deputy sales manager

"IEG service quality is reliable."--- Assistant quality manager