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TRIZ Innovation International Certification Training Courses
TRIZ Innovation International Certification Level 1 Training Courses

Course Introduction:

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is the principle created by Genrich Altshuller from Russia when analyzing 200,000 patents. TRIZ is the science of the evolution of the system. It is formed on the basis of principles of evolution of the system and practical experience of hundreds of thousands of scientists and inventors. TRIZ training courses of American IEG Institute for Innovation can guide you out of the individual areas of expertise, and quickly get innovative solutions meeting customers and operators satisfaction by use of human knowledge combining with the smart of interdisciplinary inventors.

TRIZ innovation Level 1Training Courses of American IEG Institute for Innovation is the systematic innovation method of learning new thinking, aiming at helping beginners to understand more about solving technological problems and innovation research and development with the application of TRIZ innovation approaches under the guidance of TRIZ theory and concept. Class training methods include lecturing, simulation exercise and professional training to make students experience the effect of TRIZ method on quickly resolving technological issues.

Course Features:

1. Exclusive authorization: IEG Institute for Innovation obtains the authorization to develop series TRIZ professional training and certification services in the "Asian-Pacific region" exclusively.  

2. Professional lecturers: IEG has many senior scientists/ experts who have obtained international TRIZ certification and are with very rich experience in management innovation and product innovation.

3. Easy to apply: the course provides many actual cases to carry out individual case study and group practice so as to help students apply what they had learned to work and life rapidly.

4. Professional certificates: student who had completed the course would be granted with TRIZ training certificate of IEG Institute for Innovation. Students who have completed the certification needed by this course will be granted with TRIZ authentication certificate issued by IEG Institute for Innovation.

Course Object:

Research and Development Manager, developer, Process Manager, Product Manager, engineer, patent engineer and personnel who are interested in innovation.

Course Benefits:

1. Understand TRIZ methodology (Structure and Main Points).

2. Learn how to get rid of psychological inertia, breaking the existing framework of thinking by TRIZ.

3. Learn how to solve technological contradictions by systematic approach of TRIZ.

4. Learn how to increase the number of patents and its benefits generated by TRIZ.

5. Learn how to shorten the time of technological breakthroughs by TRIZ.

6. Learn how to reduce the production costs of new technologies / new products by TRIZ.

7. Develop mentality of solutions to problems and enhance personal capability of independent innovation.

8. Solve the technological contradictions.

Course Duration: 5 days

Teaching Method: theme lectures, case studies, course practice, scenario simulation

Course Outline

Day One

1. Innovation& Invention Theory- TRIZ Introduction

2. Mental development and innovation- Breaking through Psychological Inertia

3. Break through the limitations and expand the boundaries of innovation- Nine Window and System Approach

4. Look for the keys to solve problems- Cause Analysis

Day Two

5. Confirm the best design direction- Ideal Final Result

6. Quick access to innovation methodologies - Resources Utilization

7. Confirm the technological contradictions in the system- Quality Function Deployment

Day Three

8. Describe technological contradictions by 39 parameters- Technological Contradiction and 39 Parameter

9. Follow the example of inventor to produce innovative patented invention- Contradiction Matrix and 40 Inventive Principles-1

Day Four

10. Follow the example of inventor to produce innovative patented invention- Contradiction Matrix and 40 Inventive Principles-2

11. Learn by analogy, turn around to create and invent - Physical Contradiction and Separation Principles

Day Five

12. Inspire the right brain to produce more creation- Creative Technology

13. Assessment and Selection of Innovative Concepts- Pugh Matrix

14. TRIZ Case Study and Exercise

15. TRIZ Level I Examination