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IEG DFSS/TRIZ Projects in Electronics Industry

Project company: An enterprise

Company background:

In the past 40 years, the enterprise adhered to the business mission of「environment protection, energy saving and love the earth」, sustainably made innovations, become world-class leading manufacturer in many product fields and was selected consecutively as one of「Top 50 Asian Enterprises」by Forbes.

The company commits to environment protection, constructs and vigorously promotes green buildings, and has implemented green process, resource recycling and waste management etc in years ago, is the only Chinese enterprise that is once selected as 「Global Top 100 Low-carbon Enterprises」 by CNBC; in 2010, its management team won 「Annual Entrepreneur Award」「Corporate Social Responsibility Award」 and「China Business Leaders Award」by CNBC.

Promotion reason of DFSS/TRIZ projects: in order to promote the DMAIC to a certain degree and have new breakthrough, the company seniors decide to fully implement DFSS/TRIZ projects.

Project summary:

1. Project duration: 2012 ~ 2013 (Ongoing)

2. Trainee quantity: BB: 40 persons

3. Project achievement:

  3.1: Financial benefit of the project: about US$ 16M in total (new products)

  3.2: Performance of new products: be improved to be 4 Sigmas on average

  3.3: BOM cost: be reduced by 20% on average

3.4: Project patents: 1 patent for each project on average

Customer evaluation:

"We want to expand the DFSS/TRIZ to the whole group, and it is really useful to R&D."–Deputy R&D manager

"IEG consultants are appreciated by our R&D colleagues!"---Deputy manager of business department