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Introduction to IEG Academy for Innovation

IEG Academy for Innovation is subordinate to IEG Company. As a leading management innovation personnel training service provider, IEG Academy for Innovation makes planning and design of a variety of innovative management methods researched and introduced by IEG into innovative course system for cultivating innovative talents.

IEG Academy for Innovation believes that talent is fundamental while innovation methodology is only a tool in the entire management innovation of the enterprise. Only employees of the enterprises mastering innovation methodologies are the greatest wealth of the enterprise management innovation, and only employees of the enterprises with innovative thinking and innovation ability can help businesses to get the maximum effectiveness of management innovation.

With unique enterprise innovation strategic planning, intensive innovative research and leading innovative technological capabilities, IEG has always been based on the forefront in the field of enterprise innovation management. Today, IEG has successfully provided hundreds of internationally renowned manufacturers with professional training services of Six Sigma and TRIZ-Six Sigma accumulatively and also developed complete and professional training programs and teaching materials for professional TRIZ-Six Sigma innovation methodologies. It also provides all trainings, consulting ensuring business success to expand innovation and excellent action needed by customers and infrastructure support services and technology, guarantees the effectiveness and quality of training on innovation methodologies, and helps the enterprises to achieve the goals of innovation and excellence.

Mission of Academy for Innovation

IEG Academy for Innovation is committed to helping companies to develop management innovation, technological innovation and product innovation talents.