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IEG DFSS/TRIZ Projects in Chemical Industry

Project company: An enterprise

Company background:

The enterprise aims to improve living quality since its establishment and now has engaged in petrochemical industry raw material field for more than 40 years, the concept that we will always adhere to is to strengthen enterprise competitiveness, head for international and transnational operation, provide satisfying service to customers and pay attention to working safety and environment protection. Moreover, it always pursues innovation, goes beyond existing mode framework, cooperates with strategic partners to seek endless possibilities and create a new world at a steady speed, so as to make the enterprise hold a leading competitive advantage. At the same time, it shall learn from international advanced experiences and head for a globally top enterprise.

Promotion reason of DFSS/TRIZ: in order to develop new market (medical and automobile industries) and develop products with higher unit price, the company seniors decide to promote DFSS/TRIZ projects.

Project summary:

1. Project duration: 2006 ~ 20078

2. Trainee quantity: Champion: 26 persons

3. Project achievement:

  3.1: Financial benefit of the project: about US$ 7.8M in total (new products)

  3.2: Development time of new products: be reduced by about 3 months on average

  3.3: Process yield: be improved by 16.2% on average (MP)

3.4: Products for new market: 2 pieces

Customer evaluation:

"IEG is a DFSS/TRIZ consulting company with the richest experience in chemical industry, many thanks to IEG for letting us develop a new market."-General manager

"Many thanks to IEG consultants for their professional and careful service, assisting R&D team heading for medical and automobile industries, and improving the R&D ability of R&D personnel!"-Deputy R&D manager