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Technology Roadmap Training Course

Technology Roadmap is to integrate the enterprise market strategy, products for the target market and key technology and resources necessary for the products to the technology roadmap by constructing a development「path」of products and technologies from now to future, so as to make the company clearly master the market and products that are expected to develop in next few years and the necessary key technologies, and be a leading contender in product and technology layout and seize the advantageous position in the competition. Technical Map can create a complete product and technology framework and would integrate segmental complex technology systems together and display the evolution process of technology; in the process of mapping technology roadmap, it defines the product and technology challenges confronted to the enterprise in future, and draw up solution and coordinate the enterprise to determine the preferential developmental sequences of product and technology. Since technology roadmap focus on overall thinking and arrangement based on marketing strategy, product development, technological development and resource demands of the enterprise in oncoming several years (even decade) and introduction to method and steps used to realize such objectives year by year, thus it is also called as Technology Resources Planning, TRP.

 Course Features:

1. Professional lecturer: IEG has many internationally recognized technology roadmap experts who have rich experience of management innovation and product innovation.

3. Easy to apply: the course provides many actual cases to carry out individual case studies and group practice so as to help students apply what they had learned to work and life rapidly.

4. Professional certificates: student who had completed the courses would be granted with certificate of technology roadmap training issued by IEG Institute of Innovation. Student who required to be authenticated would be granted with map authentication certificate issued by IEG Institute of Innovation.

Course Object:

R&D Manager, developer, process manager, product manager, patent engineer and personnel who are interested in technology roadmap.

Course Benefits:

Technology Roadmap is a technology planning process driven by demand, and help enterprise to identify, select and develop proper technology from a group of optional technological proposals so as to meet the needs of a series of product in future; technology roadmap is a common framework for collective experts and learners to organize and present critical technology planned, finally to benefit investment decision.

Thus, technology roadmap benefits in following terms:

1. Communication Tool

Graphical technology roadmap itself can be used as an effective communication tool to make people grasp enterprise's product positioning and technological development easily; in addition, get familiar with the technical bottleneck and challenge and the very moment when new technological breakthrough is required and the moment when product has to be changed.

2. Promote Communication

Staff in different levels and department external the enterprise can communicate with each others about enterprise's version, future development of the industry, product features etc. through their involvement in technology roadmap production thus to establish wide common views.

3. Get Support

Through technology roadmap production, interested party could feel the deliberative feature of company product and technological planning so that they are willing to provide resources to help company development.

Thus, technology roadmap shall not be the one compiled by company's senior or technical planning personnel by themselves, but a commom view about technolological developmentestablished by taking wide advises from interested party in way of interactive.

Course Duration: 5 days
Teaching Method: Theme lectures, case studies, course practice and scenario simulation.
Course Outline
First Day

I. Technology Roadmap Introductory Theory and Introduction

l         Advantages of technical management and enterprise competition

l         Technology roadmap

l         Production process of technology roadmap

l         Technology roadmap example—Cell phone technology roadmap of Lucent Company

II. Marketing Environment and Competitive Strategy
Core business identifying

l         Market segmentation analysis

l         Competitive power analysis of each market segmentation

l         Mapping market development map

Second Day

III. Product Planning

l         Market driving factor analysis

l         Development tendency prediction of market driving factor

l         Product function driving factor analysis

l         Product hardware and software platform and product technology platform

l         Technological check

l         Mapping market/product/main module/ technology roadmap

l         Product generation planning

Third Day

IV. Technological Development Strategy

l         Influential factors on technological strategy 

l         Technological strategy connotation

l         Core technology check

Fourth Day

V. Comprehensive Sorting and Action Planning

l         Research and development budget planning

l         Priority sequencing of technological development

l         Organizer of technological development project

l         Complete general technology roadmap

l         Complete technology roadmap document

Fiveth Day

VI. How to guide technology roadmap into the enterprise

l         Guiding strategy and method

l         Guiding steps

l         Key success factor of guiding technology roadmap

l         Rockwell Automation

l         Experience of Rockwell Automation guiding technology roadmap