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IEG DFSS/TRIZ Projects in IT Industry

Project company:

Company background:

The enterprise devoted to innovating technology products and successfully marketed the automatic products and embedded computer products all over the world with advanced R&D and production technology as well as flexible operation strategies over the years, and thus now it takes the lead in the industrial computer field. 「To be sincere and honest, diligent and positive and grow steadily」is the established operation principle; build a performance management system based on reasonable standards, and sustain the eternal value of the enterprise by regarding the technology as the root and the innovation as the orientation; at the same time, adhere to the core value of「science, innovation, excellence and sustainability」, actively pursue world-class quality to win the high trust form customers and expect to make a mutual benefit with the customers with 「the highest quality, the most powerful function and the best service」.

Promotion reason of DFSS/TRIZ projects: Due to the quality problems of new products, the company seniors decide to implement DFSS/TRIZ projects, make improvement and raise customer satisfaction and service with quantifiable data and scientific methods.

Project summary:

1. Project duration: 2011~2012

2. Trainee quantity: BB: 25 persons

3. Project achievement:

  3.1: The customers require not to make it public.

Customer evaluation:

After learning of DFSS/TRIZ, many problems that cannot be solved and explained with past experiences have been solved. --- Assistant R&D manager