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Course System of Academy for Innovation

ntegrating years' experience of the enterprises in innovation consulting and training, directing at different enterprises' employees, in terms of different viewpoints of innovation and requirements on personnel training, IEG Academy for Innovation sets series courses on innovation in 5 aspects, as shown in the figure:

Technological Product Innovation Courses Series

Management Innovation Courses Series

Innovation Ability Training Courses Series

Innovation Strategy Courses Series

Innovation Personnel Training

Innovative Thinking Training Courses Series

Among them, Innovation Strategy Courses Series is designed for senior management of the enterprise, including the chairman, president, general manager, director, etc. Innovation Strategy Courses Series mainly helps enterprise senior managers to acknowledge the challenges associated with corporate culture and enterprise system that may be encountered when implementing innovation strategies, as well as supporting resources that should be known in implementing specific innovation methodologies, implementation procedures and existing problems, etc.

Main innovation strategy courses, such as:

Innovation System Construction Courses,

Innovation Strategy and KPI Courses,

Innovation Six Sigma Advocates Courses,

Six Sigma Design Advocates Courses,

Leader Innovation Strategy Courses,

Leader Process Innovation, etc.

Brainstorm Innovation Courses

Management Innovation Courses Series is specially set for middle and senior managers in the enterprise related to operation management, production management, supply chain management and marketing management. Management innovation courses for manufacturing mainly help the enterprises in production capacity promotion, efficiency promotion, quality enhancement, cost reduction, inventory reduction and other major problems. Management innovation courses on service industry and service procedures are mainly to help enterprises to solve customer satisfaction, delivery speed, delivery quality and work efficiency and other problems.

Management innovation courses for manufacturing, such as:

Innovation Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt Courses

Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt Courses

Six Sigma Blue Belt Courses

Lean Production Management courses

Six Sigma Lecturers Training Courses

Management innovation courses on service industry, such as:

Service Industry Innovation and Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt Courses

Service Industry Lean Process Reengineering Courses

Systematic Management Innovation Courses

Technological Innovation Courses Series is specially set for Middle management personnel and key R& D staff in technological innovation, product R & D innovation and service innovation sectors. Technological Innovation Courses Series will help technological innovation and product innovation personnel in the enterprise to learn and master a variety of powerful and innovative ways. For both new product development and upgrading of existing products by R&D personnel, Technological Innovation Courses of IEG Academy for Innovation will provide appropriate development path and innovative tools and approaches.

Main technological innovation courses, such as:

Design for Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt Courses (DFSS)

TRIZ Innovation International Certification Level 1 Training Courses

TRIZ Innovation International Certification Level 2 Training Courses

TRIZ Innovation International Certification Level 3 Training Courses

Advanced TRIZ & IWB Innovation Courses

Innovative Problem Solving Courses

Taguchi Static Parameters Design Courses

Taguchi Dynamic Parameters Design Courses

Tolerance Design and Analysis Courses

Reliability Design Courses

Technology roadmap Courses

Design for Assembly Courses

Innovation Ability Training Courses Series is specially set for enterprise managers, the backbone of production, backbone of the technology and product development, services R & D personnel who are willing to learn fast track approach. Enterprise managers and R&D backbone usually hope to resolve some of the issues in the management or development process in a short time. Therefore, a few targeted problem-solving tools are set in 2-3 days courses planning of Innovation Capacity Training Courses according to different purposes to help students to take what they need, learn and mater quickly and solve the problems fast. `

Innovation Capacity Training Courses, such as: 

Data Statistics and Analysis Courses

Process Capability Analysis Courses

Measurement Systems Analysis Courses

Statistical Process Control Courses

Lean & Health System Courses

Shainin DOE

Experimental Design Courses

Innovative Thinking Training Courses System is specially set for enterprise personnel and individuals who want to have innovative thinking and hope to break through the inherent thinking model. Innovative Thinking Training Courses are designed to help people to develop thoughts, help students to understand innovation from a variety of different points of view and think the methods to solve problems encountered from various aspects.

Innovative Thinking Training Courses, such as:

Design Thinking Courses

Innovative Thinking Training Courses