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IEG DFSS/TRIZ Projects in Transportation Industry (Vehicle C

Project company: An enterprise

Company background:

Now the main problem that 250km project of the enterprise faces is time and quality. Though cost is a significant part of R&D management, it will not be discussed for this consulting project as a key part; R&D time of the project is urgent, it is necessary to make network planning management for the project and break the main plan into secondary, ternary and quaternary plan etc, and the plan of each hierarchy shall have specific responsible person and tracking control point.

The most difficult problem of the 250 km project faces is quality and reliability guaranty. In order to make a quality control for a large R&D project within a short time, it is necessary to make detailed planning and appraisal from four modules: assembly quality planning and control, sub-assembly quality planning and control, parts quality planning and control as well as process quality planning and control, and at the same time ensure to build clear and detailed work instruction for the four quality management fields: quality management of R&D, quality management of suppliers, quality management of manufacturing and quality management of future investment in regular customer market.

It is necessary for the 250km project to make full planning, control, feedback, improvement and effect review for product design and development process, material supply, manufacturing and assembling process and market quality in order to realize all-round quality management of the products.

Project summary:

1. Project duration: 2012 ~

2. Trainee quantity: 32 persons

3. Project achievement:

  3.1: Financial benefit of the project: about US$ 4.30 Million in total (new products)

  3.2: Development time of new products: be reduced by about 3.5 months on average

  3.3: BOM cost: be reduced by 10.6% on average

3.4: Process yield: be improved by 12.5% on average (MP)

3.5: Project patents: 3 patents for each project on average

3.6: Product reliability: MTBF is improved by 50,000 km on average