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Technological Product Innovation Methodology

For enterprises, product innovation has always been concomitant with technological innovation. Generally, technological innovation can inspire innovative thinking and innovative applications of enterprise personnel in product innovation and business model innovation fields. For technology-based enterprises, technological innovation is to greatly maintain or expand technological competition advantage taking the lead from competitors; while for service and manufacturing industries, technological innovation can not only optimize management innovation, but also can be helpful for enterprise service innovation and product innovation.

The purpose of service innovation and product innovation is to help enterprises open sources, especially subversive innovative products/services with market appealingness even maybe bring enterprises into greatly promising Blue Ocean as well as help enterprises obtain tremendous business incomes and profits. Therefore, for enterprises paying great attention to technological innovation and product innovation, being able to faster and better develop marketable even well sold products is the essential way for enterprises seeking success through competition and development.

IEC provides series of leading technological innovation and product innovation methods:

Design thinking:

Design thinking is not only design of "product" and "service", but also design of process, business pattern, organizational operation, working environment, residential construction, and education etc. Thereby, "design thinking" is: an innovative thinking mode of complete structure. Design thinking training courses are an innovative design mode that can be learnt and adopted in any field of any industry and company and can generate many significative and constructive products or services.


DFSS method must be able to closely combine with new product development operation. Take DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) of five steps of DFSS for example, each step strengthens rigor degree of operation process implementation and simultaneous engineering. IEG owns most DFSS/TRIZ consultant resources.


Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is the principle created by Genrich Altshuller from Russia when analyzing 200,000 patents. TRIZ is formed on the basis of principles of evolution of the system and practical experience of hundreds of thousands of scientists and inventors. IEG brings TRIZ method into enterprise, and helps the enterprise produce great benefits in technological innovation, product innovation and service innovation fields.

Technological Map:

Design thinking emphasizes that "thinking" is needed so long as "design" is involved. Design thinking is "to meet people's demands with sensitivity and methods of designer under the application of feasible science, technology and effective business strategies being able to transform to customer value and market opportunity." The challenge of design thinking is to help people say out demands hidden in heart even not perceived by oneself.

Patent Layout:

Combine relevant patent layout tool technique of TRIZ, TRIZ evolution tree; patent analysis, literature analysis, expert consultation, patent search, literature review and mastering future development trend of product module; mastering mutual replacement technology, technological evaluation and technological development planning chart; establishing partial advantage of technology and patent layout. Participants are those for strategic planning, marketing management, technology and product research and development and intellectual property. It is steel market layout scheme for 3~10 years.